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Oral Fluid Collector (OFC) The IPRO OFC consists of two parts, a swab for the collection of the sample and a bottle of buffer

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Buffers To negate the effect of pH variability due to recent food and drink taken Preservatives To prevent growth or micro-organisms, keeping samples stable at room temperature for several weeks (longer when refirgerated or frozen) Extraction Agents To allow immediate recovery of target analytes with less than two minutes of gentle mixing. Run Buffer The OFC acts as a run buffer for when running tests on the IPRO LFD

Sample Stability*At least 2 years at -20°C At least 2 months at 4°C At least 1 week at 37°C

SalivaBio Childrenミs Swab (SCS) Method SALIMETRICS SalivaBio Childrenミs Swab (SCS) Method


Clean packaged, individually wrapped_ swabs, comfortable collection, clear instructions, verified statements of use, age- and species appropriate options, suitable for long-term storage (to -80ヘ C), non-toxic, lot-specific QC report available

Intended Use: Adults, Children 3+, Expressed Samples |Animals |Children 6 months - 6 years Quantity: 50pk Volume Capacity: 2mL
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