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StratechSite-logo-SelleckSelleck Chemicals – Novel Kinase Inhibitors for Cell Signaling & Oncology Research

Selleck Chemicalsis one of the world leading suppliers of high-performance life-science reagents and reference compounds for the non-clinical research fields. We are fully dedicated and focused on the complex research biochemicals and are aiming to provide the most innovative range of research reagents at the most competitive price. Samples include Aurora Kinase Inhibitors,Bcl-2 Protein Family Inhibitors,c-Met Inhibitors,HDAC Inhibitors,IGF-1R Inhibitors,PI3K/AKT Inhibitors and etc.

Selleck Chemicals lay great attention on the purity, stability and activity of the compounds, esp. of those with subtle purity and stability problems. With a well-established Internal & External Quality Control system, not only could Selleck Chemicals provide the chemical test data, such as HNMR, LC-MS and HPLC, but also test reports obtained from the experiment with our own compounds, such as Western Blot & RT-PCR, which provide a double guarantee of the biological activities of our compounds in life-science research.

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