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Consider a new direction for your research

Consider a new direction for your research, Salivary Cortisol, minimally invasive, most accurate, most reliable, repeatable results and very cost effective

Salimetrics Salivary Cortisol Assay has featured in over 25,000 Research Publications Worldwide, So if you are researching in any of the following disciplines then you may wish to consider utilising the best commercially available Salivary Cortisol Assay (independent research)

Reproductive Health
Mental Health
Wellness & Ageing
Smoking & Environment
Biological sensitivity/Susceptibility to context
Sports & Performance
Obesity & Metabolic Problems
Social Behavior
Child Development
Behavioral Neuroscience
DNA and Gene Expression
Sleep & Circadian Rhythm
Animal Welfare
Nutrition & Health
PTSD, Military Stress

Sensitivity: <0.007 ug/dL Correlation with Serum: 0.91
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