CategoryOctober 2016

GNAcode PCR Minicube introduced by Stratech


Flexibility and optimization

The Minicube PCR machine is ideal for optimization of protocols, preparation for sequencing, cloning, multiple parallel incubations, PCR gradients and other use of protocols that normally would be run in series on standard equipment but now can be run in parallel.
The Minicube PCR is also ideal for sharing PCR optimizations, because it has no well-to-well variation and no machine-to-machine variation. This means dramatically reduced PCR run times for you, without compromising on precision and liability.

High precision and speed

The Minicube PCR is constructed with great respect for precision and its well-to-well variation is effectively non-existent.
Each well is a rapid heating and cooling element with an impressive ramp rate  >15 °C/sec monitored by a high precision and quality PT1000 sensor. With an average speed of 4.0 °C/sec, you can run a 35 cycle PCR experiment in less than 25 minutes.

Calibrated precision

The machine was designed and calibrated to yield unmatched temperature precision. Each well is a closed, precisely controlled temperature zone monitored by a rapid microprocessor. Our calibration procedures yield standard deviations of less than 0.05 °C, and since all sensors are calibrated and the electronic circuit are loaded with the calibration curves, there is no well-to-well variation.
Each well is calibrated at different temperatures (from 15-99 °C) by submerging the device into a NIST calibrated Fluke heated bath with a temperature accuracy of ±0.01 °C. The precision measurement circuit is optimized for high accuracy 24 bit recording, noise filtering and environmental stability in a temperature range between 15 to 99 °C. High quality bias circuitry ensures long term stability.

Get full control with the intuitive app

The powerful yet intuitive app gives you full control of your experiments from anywhere and accelerates every step of your PCR research. Shortening time between getting started and obtaining great results.
Access and control your Minicube PCR with the intuitive iPad app. From the powerful and user friendly interface, you can easily plan and setup protocols, control multiple devices at the same time – and even allow colleagues control of the same Minicube PCR from their apps.
The app works both online and off, and connects to your Minicube PCR via wifi or Bluetooth, allowing you full flexibility.


– Plan and organize your experiments on iPad – even from outside the lab
– Control multiple machines in parallel
– Share devices with your peers even at run time
– Allow multiple users control of different tubes on the same machine
– Easy setup via Bluetooth proximity sensing
– Open source software available if you want more advanced functionality
The Minicube PCR has the ability to work as a router (without internet connection). If you have a wifi  network in the lab you can easily connect both the Minicube machine and your Minicube App to the lab network.
For Bioinformatics users and molecular biologists skilled in programming it is worth noting that the communication between the Minicube App and the Minicube PCR is via a HTTP protocol called RESTful. There exist an Open-Source community writing apps on Linux and Android for the Minicube PCR. Not officially supported by GNAcode but our engineers do provide code examples.